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  • External Audit Jobs in Asia Pacific
    The current market for external audit jobs in Asia Pacific is largely governed both by current regulations as well as by the qualities most yearned for by the Big 4 professional services firms.
  • The main theme that is evident across the region for the internal audit function has to do with supply and demand as employers are looking to fill a unique set of criteria within a limited talent pool.
  • We’ve all heard the saying; “Queensland: sunny one day, perfect the next” and Queensland’s capital city, Brisbane, is no exception.
  • Mark Jansen, Partner - Risk Assurance at PwC Singapore speaks about his experiences of working as an Australian expat in Singapore and the benefits of living in the truly cosmopolitan city.
  • Whether you are just looking for experience or pursuing a long-term career in audit, it is difficult to make the decision whether to stay or to move abroad. Comparing the pros and cons can help.
  • From senior quality assurance positions to auditors just starting out in their graduate careers, the auditing Holy Grail is usually the same – to excel & make partner at the pinnacle of their professional life. Here are 10 tips on how you can get there quicker.
  • In this article we discuss the difference between public and private, and how you can begin the transition into the Australian or New Zealand private sectors.
  • Read our top tips on how to find, apply for and get offered your dream role working within a Big Four bank.
  • As a fresh-faced young accountant there are many career paths open to you. How do you want your professional career to develop? And how do you expect to be able to make those ambitions a reality?
  • In today’s business world, few multinational companies would appoint a financial head who didn’t already have experience in an international environment. Undertaking work abroad demonstrates flexibility, mobility and cultural acumen, which are all qualities which recruiters and headhunters will l...
  • With just sixty seconds to make an impact, how can you ensure your CV will grab a reader’s attention?
  • An elevator pitch is just a short conversation where you can communicate your profession, skills, knowledge and unique selling point. You never know when these types of situations could yield some attractive job opportunities or simply the chance to network with someone in your chosen industry.
  • An Audit Managers job is tough but rewarding, you learn all sorts of great skills that you can easily transfer should you need to. Whatever stage you’re at, here’s a breakdown of what that role entails.
  • Communication skills matter a great deal in the sector of audit jobs. It is key to all our auditing activities and efficient communication.
  • Globalisation has meant that accountants and auditors now do their work in many different markets around the world, with employers increasingly looking to recruit for audit jobs overseas