Industry Opinions

  • How is the Gender Pay Gap in Australia affecting auditors?
    A recent ABC investigation has concluded that full time earnings for men and women within the same job continue to be staggeringly disparate.
  • Six in ten accountants in the Asia Pacific region will be looking for a new job over the next 6-12 months, with more than a quarter immediately looking to move.
  • As an auditor in Australia or New Zealand, there are a lot of great career opportunities waiting for you in your home country.
  • Some new insights about cross cultural factors in the practice of internal audit in Vietnam: interview with Peligo Training Vietnam
  • A thriving financial centre with international recognition, 11.6% of Singapore’s gross domestic product in 2003 came from financial services. It’s the highest value-added service industry in Singapore, and many of the world’s top finance professionals choose to work in the country.
  • In our last interview from our articles series ‘Internal Auditing in China’, we highlighted the many obstacles which impact the practice of internal auditing and the need for ‘localising’ i.e. adapting the internal audit practice to make it really effective in China.
  • Conducting Effective Risk-based Internal Audits in China: the challenge of localizing the internal audit practice in different cultures
  • In today’s business world, few multinational companies would appoint a financial head who didn’t already have experience in an international environment. Undertaking work abroad demonstrates flexibility, mobility and cultural acumen, which are all qualities which recruiters and headhunters will l...
  • Many young auditors look to Sydney, the Australian global financial centre where large salaries can often be found. But thanks to recent economic conditions there could be some much better destinations to start out on a long career in auditing.
  • Internal auditing jobs used to have a rather dull reputation but nowadays there are some exciting and challenging roles out there for those with the right experience and qualifications.
  • Globalisation has meant that accountants and auditors now do their work in many different markets around the world, with employers increasingly looking to recruit for audit jobs overseas