Sector Focus

  • IT Audit Jobs in Asia Pacific
    The IT Audit market across the Asia Pacific region has been a growing practice throughout 2015 with a number of industries placing the IT Audit function high up on their hiring agenda.
  • The current market for external audit jobs in Asia Pacific is largely governed both by current regulations as well as by the qualities most yearned for by the Big 4 professional services firms.
  • The changing regulations that are impacting the financial services landscape continue to keep the functions of risk, compliance and audit at the top of the hiring priority list for companies across the Asia Pacific region.
  • The future for compliance candidates across Asia Pacific is bright, according to data from Morgan McKinley which revealed its figures for Q1 of 2015 earlier this month.
  • A recent ABC investigation has concluded that full time earnings for men and women within the same job continue to be staggeringly disparate.
  • IT auditing in China has enjoyed rapid progress with much of the investment in exploration made by China's National Auditing Office.
  • In this article we discuss the difference between public and private, and how you can begin the transition into the Australian or New Zealand private sectors.
  • For those who are absolute beginners to the IT auditing process, it’s important to know the individual steps of the process and how the aims of the process can be achieved.
  • Knowledge of the procedures that an internal auditor goes through and understanding why audits are carried out will make it much easier to get a career in audit.
  • The fundamental principle of an IT audit job is to ensure information stored within the system is safe and cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons. This is due to the sensitive nature of much of the information many companies hold.