The Audit Agony Aunt

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    The Audit Agony Aunt is an ex-Big4 Resource Director and a fully qualified accountant who answers your career questions each month in this column
  • As auditors, we take pride in our high standards of technical knowledge, professional service and conduct. Our culture encourages us to stretch ourselves... it is no surprise ‘No!’ is often considered a dirty word?
  • An elevator pitch is just a short conversation where you can communicate your profession, skills, knowledge and unique selling point. You never know when these types of situations could yield some attractive job opportunities or simply the chance to network with someone in your chosen industry.
  • An Audit Managers job is tough but rewarding, you learn all sorts of great skills that you can easily transfer should you need to. Whatever stage you’re at, here’s a breakdown of what that role entails.
  • Conflict is an inevitable part of auditing jobs and life as well. If you haven’t encountered it before now, you probably soon will! Conflict is not always bad. Effectively resolved, conflict can bring personal and professional growth plus an opportunity for constructive change.
  • Communication skills matter a great deal in the sector of audit jobs. It is key to all our auditing activities and efficient communication.
  • This article explores what is actually meant by coaching in relation to the audit sector and how it can benefit organisations and individuals within the audit profession.